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Using Architectural Storytelling to Promote Tourism and Economic Development

Founder Rachel Prinz

Our Earthship Research has been Released!

Latest Projects

Design Research & Development

Great buildings work FOR you year-round, are beautiful, and are healthy for you to live and work in. They work WITH their environment.

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Our architectural photography clients need shots done quickly, affordably, and without disrupting business by bringing in elaborate staging, crews of people, and equipment.

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Historic Preservation

Helping caretakers of historic properties document, preserve, and plan for the preservation of and improvements to their historic structures, buildings, and landscapes.

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Archinia works with businesses, tourism organizations, and media outlets to produce relevant, engaging multi-media content that emphasizes the personal experiences that set a place apart.

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Rachel Preston Prinz Chief Visionary Officer  (505) 906-1146  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   d e s i g n . s p i r i t


What you surround yourself with creates the palette that you paint your life with. We believe that great spaces make for great opportunities. Feeling lost? Let us help!

Much of what "they" tell you is green, really isn't. Because we believe in EMPOWERING YOU, we're giving away ALL we know about TRULY green design.

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