Historic + Cultural

Archinia is most known for our documentation and planning for the preservation of historic buildings and landscapes. We have worked with BLM, USFS, and NPS, as well as State and Tribal Historic Preservation Officers in 10 states, completing building documentation inventories on over 500 structures and sites, including National Register and National Landmark properties.

Community Engagement +
Content Creation

Archinia works with historic sites, cultural centers, tourism organizations, architects and preservationists, design marketers, and media outlets to produce relevant, engaging multi-media content that emphasizes the personal experiences that set a place apart.

Cottage Homes +

Great buildings work FOR you year-round, are beautiful, and are healthy for you to live and work in. From time to time, we design homes and labyrinths, as well as work with architects to assist with the design development of homes, eco-communities, and other natural and sustainable buildings.

Sustainability Research

In doing work that falls outside the traditional bounds of design and preservation, we often get to participate in groundbreaking research into new ways of seeing buildings and landscape in relation to its environment.