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Architecture for Everybody is a not-for-profit initiative to bring the craft of architecture, usually reserved for the wealthiest 98%, to the people. A4E is an alliance of architects, designers, and builders who empower individuals and communities to harness the best of design in order to reduce bills, save resources, preserve cultures and traditions, and grow with a eye to long-term sustainability.

Emergence: Sky City Cultural Center

Acoma Architecture Documentary

The Haak'ume people of Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico were faced with a challenge when their visitor center burned down in 2000: How to reconstruct a place that was as welcoming to their people as to visitors, would tell the story of their people, and also be a bridge between cultural and 'green' interpretations of sustainability. What they created was much more than that. This is the story of the Place that the architects and the Haaku'me people created together.

Built For Life

Southwest Architecture Education Curriculum

Come with us on an adventure through the Southwest to explore 1,000 years of building history within the gorgeous backdrop of our desert landscape, with an eye towards identifying means of attainable sustainability. We'll cover Pre-Puebloan, Navajo, Puebloan, Hispanic, European, and American styles... and even modern ideas like Earthships, Passiv Hauses, and hippie communes. We'll share ways we can make our architecture and landscapes work better for us now and in the future, learning from the past and building on that solid foundation with modern technology and materials.