Guest Blog DZ: Building the future ... with timeless values

Guest Blog DZ: Building the future ... with timeless values

I recently wrote a blog post for my college sorority's sustainbability website, highlighting ways that I have applied the sorority's creed to my life as an architect, and ways my sisters could integrate these ideas into their own lives. Here's the start of it. To see the rest, follow the link below to their site.


To the world,

As an architectural designer and historian with a passion for local "homespun" or vernacular design, I get to spend my days documenting connections ... of inside/outside, positive/negative, art/science, and culture.

I get to study our connection to nature, and to each other. The world as we knew it 10 years ago has been replaced by one in which every voice can be heard (if we are allowed free speech) and every vote counted. The votes can occur in politics, in ways of building communities, and also in architecture. We find versions of the adobe homes like the ones I work on here in New Mexico in places as far away as England and Africa. They are made by hand, by people who lovingly create space and share it with their families, and also with their animals. Many times these same people have very little in wealth, but what they lack there they make up for in an abundance of spirit. Because most of the people who build like this have no access to electricity, they get creative, utilizing inventive ways of introducing sunlight, of capturing water from rooftops, of insulating using the natural properties of the earth, which, when cared for, can last lifetimes. This investment in practicality, in minimizing their impact on the Earth and creating shelter for all the beings of it, echoes the interconnectedness of all beings that opens our Creed.


I promise temperance and insight and courage,

Fifteen year ago, when I finished up my education with multiple degrees and foci, my professors basically told me that they hoped that I enjoyed my "play" in the fields of architectural design, preservation, and history, warning me that as a professional, I wouldn't be able to continue on mixing and matching the work like I had in school. I appreciated their advice, but I kept on my path. I knew that someday, it would not be that way. I knew that, somehow, the "womanly way" of seeing things as whole and interdependent would come 'round...


See the rest of the blog post at the Delta Zeta Pink Goes Green website


Our time is now: Building the future ... with timeless values

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